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Lillypilly  2018 Red Velvet® Region : Riverina, Australia Style : Medium Sweet Wine Alcohol : 11.0% Bottle size : 750ml

 TASTING NOTES : This subtle , fruity wine, unique to Lillypilly, has a delicate aroma with a hint of musk. It is well balanced, versatile and refreshing, with a smooth silky finish.


Robert Fiumara first bucked winemaking tradition in 1982, when Tramillon® (a blend of traminer and semillon) won a gold medal and trophy at the Royal Sydney Wine Show.

Robert’s next venture outside the winemaking mainstream of the day came in 1985, when he and his brother Mick, discussed the possibility of making a lighter-style, slightly sweet, soft red that could be enjoyed chilled as a fresh, young wine. There are plenty of these sorts of reds around now, but in 1985 in was quite a radical move, both in terms of the marketplace and the technology required to produce it.

The wine was made by using a blend of red varieties from the vineyard’s experimental block and Lillypilly Red Velvet® became an instant hit.

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