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family owned boutique winery  ~  single vineyard estate bottled wines

Lillypilly wins Gold and 5 Silver at the 2013 AWC Vienna.

AWC Vienna 2013 is the largest and most successful wine competition in the world, officially recognised by the European Union. 12,299 wines from 1847 producers out of 39 nations - this is an absolute world record!

Results for Lillypilly Wines:

GOLD  2011 Lillypilly Moscato

SILVER 2012 Lillypilly Tramillon®

SILVER 2010 Lillypilly Shiraz

SILVER 2010 Lillypilly Cabernet Sauvignon

SILVER 2008 Lillypilly Noble Blend

SILVER 2011 Lillypilly Noble Blend

SEAL of APPROVAL  2013 Lillypilly Chardonnay

SEAL of APPROVAL  2013 Lillypilly Red Velvet®

Moscato Tramillon® Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Noble Blend 2008 Noble Blend Vermentino Red Velvet®